Koosha Golmohammadi

email: koosha {at} kooshanet {dot} com


  • PhD in Computing Science, University of Alberta (2016)
  • MSc in Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems, University of Alberta, Canada (2009)
  • BSc in Software Engineering, Iran (2006) 


Programming Languages: C++, Java, R, Matlab, Python

DBMS: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MS SQL Server

Software Development Tools and Methodologies: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Git, Scrum, UML, MS Projects

Web Application Development and Web Services: HTML, JavaScript, Restlet, Dreamweaver

Work Experience:

1. Data Scientist  [ 2010 to Present ]

2. Senior Computer Systems Analyst – AICT  [ 5 years ]
Academic Information and Communication Technologies (AICT), University of Alberta

3. Computer Systems Analyst – IBM  [ 9 months ]
IBM Canada

4. Research Assistant   [ 2 years and 8 months]
University of Alberta, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

5. Web Master  [ 10 months ]
University of Alberta, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Awards and Honors

    1. Chair of Computers and Communications Chapter of IEEE Northern Canada Section, since 2012
    2. Invited member of Golden Key International Honour Society, 2011
    3. University of Alberta President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction, 2011
    4. Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship (AITF), 2011
    5. Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2011
    6. 2010 THECIS Innovation Scholarship, 2010
    7. Top 5% of doctoral students in Canada, for participation in the CIHR Research Poster Competition, 2010
    8. President of the University of Alberta Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA), 2008
    9. Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award, University of Alberta Faculty of Graduate Studies, 2008
    10. Professional Development Grant, University of Alberta Graduate Student Association, 2008
    11. National Students Scientific Achievement Award, Iran, 2007
    12. Ranked 11th in RoboCup 2006, Germany, 2006
    13. Ranked 3rd in Iran Open RoboCup, Iran, 2006
    14. Ranked 3rd in AI-Games Open, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2005
    15. Ranked 4th in AUT Open, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, 2005
    16. Ranked 5th in RoboCup 2005, Japan, 2005
    17. Ranked 3rd in HelliCup, Alamme Helli Institute, Iran, 2005

Services and Professional Memberships

1. Conferences and Symposiums

    • Reviewer: KDD 2014, New York, USA
    • Organizer: IEEE TechNights, Edmonton, Canada, November 2012, February and August 2013
    • Reviewer: Pan-Alberta CS Conference, Edmonton, Canada, April 2011
    • Chair: 2009 Alberta Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Research Symposium, Edmonton, Canada, June 2009
    • Organizing Committee Member: iCORE Alberta Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Research Symposium, Edmonton, Canada, May 2008
    • Volunteer: 2008 ACM-ICPC World Finals programming contest, Banff, Canada, April 2008
    • Organizing Committee Member: 2007 IEEE IAS Industry & Commercial Power System Technical Conference, Edmonton, Canada, May 2007
    • Referee and Volunteer: RoboCup 2007, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, July 2007

2. Professional Memberships

    • Member of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
    • Member of Association for Computation Machinery (ACM)

Selected Publications and Talks

  • Selected Publications [Journals and Conferences]
    1. Golmohammadi K., Zaiane O. Data Mining Applications for Fraud Detection in Securities Market. European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC 2012), pages 107-114, IEEE Press, Odense, Denmark, August 2012
    2. Golmohammadi K., Smit M., Zaiane O. Learning Actions in Complex Software Systems. 13th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK 2011), pages 367-381, Toulouse, France, August 2011
    3. Reformat M., Golmohammadi K. Rule- and OWA-based Semantic Similarity for User Profiling, the special issue on Fuzzy Approaches for Ontology Applications and Adaptive Web Services of the International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 12, No. 2, pages 87-102, June 2010
    4. Reformat M., Golmohammadi K. Updating User Profile using Ontology-based Semantic Similarity. FUZZ-IEEE2009 (2009 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems), pages: 148-132, IEEE press, South Korea, August 2009
    5. Farahmand Nejad A., Kharazmi S., Bayati S., Abolhassani H., Golmohammadi K. Adaptive Weblog Post Filtering Based On User Browsing History. The 3rd International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM-09), pages: 274-277, AAAI Press, San Jose, USA. May 2009
    6. Farahmand Nejad A., Kharazmi S., Bayati S. Golmohammadi K, Abolhassani H. Semantic Log Based Replication Model for Optimizing Heterogeneous DBMS Interaction. International Conference on Advances in Databases (DB2009), pages: 138-142, IEEE press, Gosier, France, March 2009
    7. Golmohammadi K, Reformat M., Pedrycz W. Fuzziness in the Semantic Web: Survey and Future Directions. The 20th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE’2008), pages: 643-648,  San Francisco, USA, July 2008
    8. Golmohammadi K, Kurgan LA, Crowley B., Reformat M. Amino Acid Sequence Based Method for Prediction of Cell Membrane Protein Types. International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology, vol. 1, No. 1, pages: 95-109, January 2008
    9. Golmohammadi K, Kurgan L., Crowley B., Reformat M. Classification of Cell Membrane Proteins. In proceeding of Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and information Technologies 2007 (FBIT 2007), pages: 153-158, IEEE press, South Korea, October 2007
  • Talks
    1. Learning Actions in Complex Software Systems, Technocon 2011, Edmonton, Canada, June 2011
    2. Accurate Prediction of Cell Membrane Protein Types, 2008 iCORE Alberta Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. Edmonton, Canada, May 2008
    3. Wireless Network for 3D soccer agents, 3D Development League in RoboCup 2005. Osaka, Japan, July 2005

Teaching Experience

1. Lecturer, Artificial Intelligence,  [ winter 2011 ]
University of Alberta, Canada

2. Teaching Assistant, Java Programming,  [ winter 2011 ]
University of Alberta, Canada

3. Teaching Assistant, C++ Programming  [ winter 2009 ]
University of Alberta, Canada 

4. Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Microprocessors and Assembly language  [ fall 2008 ]
University of Alberta, Canada