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Running Eclipse CDT on Mac OS X 10.9 – problem with creating binary

If you are getting the error “launch failed. binary not found” when trying to run C++ code in CDT on Mac OS X you need to: Install the Xcode Command Line Tools on a Mac (this can be installed manually

Things to look for in an experiment

Sometimes the outcome of an experiment is a very unexpected result for the researcher. This happens often in running imperial results on economic theories. Peter Kennedy lists the source of such problems and examples in his paper, “Oh No! I

Coursera Downloader

I recently used coursera downloader. I highly recommend the tool if you need to download resources from Coursea or other websites.

Google IO 2013

today was the registration date for Google IO 2013. A highly popular event that was sold out in about 40 minutes. I was at Google IO 2009. It was a great event with several exceptional talks and a great DJ

A ground breaking result in data mining!

Be hold, the most ground breaking results in data mining is finally revealed! Today, I finally got the results of a decision tree that I was making for classification on a dataset and the results were amazing! After using a

quick break for programmers

If programming is your job (or part of your job) this hilarious blog post sounds very true to you 🙂  

Buy your next computer for $35 – Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a compony focusing on inexpensive and tiny computers. A creditcard-sized computer with 2 USB, HDMI, ethernet and Sd ports. All of these and a price tag of $35 is not the most exciting things that Raspberry Pi